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This Web Site Is For ALL STONERS!

The Birth Of Cannabis

By: R.Allan 2005

Please smoke up.


Ex-Stoners, Non-Stoners, Smart Stoners, And Stupid Stoners...

ALL Stoners!

The "Ex-Stoners" are people who did but no longer smoke cannabis.

The "Non-Stoners" are the ones who have never smoked cannabis.

The "Smart Stoners" are the ones who use cannabis as a creative tool to enhance their lives.

They know cannabis can be an asset if used intelligently.

Bob Marley, Willie Nelson, Louis Armstrong, Ken Kesey, and Stephen Gaskin are among the MANY MANY cultural icons that fall into the "Smart Stoner" category.

The "Stupid Stoners" wake and bake every day. They think being high is an end in itself and strive to be stoned as often as possible. When a stupid stoner shows up at your house, they usually feel it's their duty to compulsively decimate whatever stash you have.

We all know a few of these people. The stupid stoners are the Cheech and Chong people we have accepted as the stereotype of a pothead.

If Your A Ex ... Non ... Smart Or Stupid ....STONER

This Group Is For You!